Helpy:mailman fails

Andrey wrote...
Hi! I've got frshly installed helpy and I tryed to test helpy:mailman (IMAP), but it fails:

# RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec /home/deploy/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.4.5/bin/rake helpy:mailman
I, [2019-07-29T09:15:44.000692 #6243] INFO -- : Mailman v0.7.3 started
I, [2019-07-29T09:15:44.000865 #6243] INFO -- : IMAP receiver enabled (
I, [2019-07-29T09:15:44.053178 #6243] INFO -- : Polling disabled. Checking for messages once.
I, [2019-07-29T09:15:44.605958 #6243] INFO -- : Got new message from 'ach****@****.org' with subject 'dsfsdfsdf'.
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