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Olga Shüle wrote...
Hello dear support & community,

Is there a smart way to use internal links. Meaning, not inserting the absolute link, e.g. but a relative link? I have tried inserting de/knowledgebase/4-erste-schritte/docs/xyzxyzxyz but this did not work.

With absolute links, if we change our domain some day, we would have to edit all the internal links in our articles. Is there a way around that?

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      Scott Miller replied...

      If you use a forward slash before the relative URL, it should work correctly.  However, it looks like to do this you would need to edit the code directly and change the link.  So in your example, instead of you should use  /de/knowledgebase/4-erste-schritte/docs/xyzxyzxyz in the href attribute of the think.

      You can also shorten the link like this: /de/docs/4 and it should route to the correct doc.  This can be helpful for email or chat links or if you just want to save some typing.

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          Olga Shüle replied...
          Dear Scott,
          Thank you very much, it works as you described!
          All the best,
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