Assigning agent incorrectly marks ticket as Pending

Nick Neuman wrote...
Often I'll respond to a new ticket, then assign it to myself. This marks the ticket as Pending like I need to answer, but that's not the case - it's actually waiting for a response from the customer. According to this link,, Pending means a ticket needs a response from an agent.

The Open vs Pending status should be set based on who responded last, not based on *any* action like assigning.
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      Nick Neuman replied...
      I've actually just noticed that simply posting a response automatically assigns the ticket to me and marks it as "Open". This isn't clear when you post the response, though - the page doesn't reflect it unless you manually refresh, which kicks you back to the main ticket menu instead of keeping you on the same ticket, so you have to go and find the ticket again to see that status change.
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          Scott Miller replied...

          This seems to be a bug, thanks for reporting!

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