Update User Via API

Jake Garrison wrote...
Working with the API to get Helpy integrated with our existing systems. What Im trying to do is make sure "customer" data is automatically synced up between out CRM and helpy.

Essentially, what I'm working on now is sending a patch request to "/api/users/{userid}" with the appropriate data whenever something changes in our internal system.

However, poking around it seems that name, email, and password are required every time you try to patch a user. Why is this necessary? Seems odd to have to decrypt the password in the internal system and pass it along to update a name and such.

Is there a way to get around that?

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      Scott Miller replied...

      Hey Jake!

      Yes this does seem strange.  Let me take a minute and see if there is a reason for that and if there are any workarounds.

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          Jake Garrison replied...
          (it's also specified in the documentation as required)

          Thanks Scott!
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