Denis wrote...
Hello, Helpy community:)

I'm from team, and I'd like to share one-click install solution for Helpy users but faced with a smtp issue using 465 port.
Default 587 works fine.
Have anyone caught the same?

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      Scott Miller replied...

      Hey Denis, Welcome! 

      The one click installer sounds sweet.  You can tell Helpy which port you want to use in the config- did this not work for some reason?  What are exact steps to reproduce the issue?  You might want to post this in our issue tracker on GH =>


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          Denis replied...
          Scott, thanks for your reply!
          We've deployed a Docker version of Helpy and configured SMTP via UI using port 465. I think it's the same as editing a config?

          Another problem is when we are trying to change colours in the design section it doesn't allow to back to return (opacity) one.

          Sure, we can create a new issue in GH if it needs. I just wanted to check how Helpy works for customers because we wanted to use your software for our support team.
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              Scott Miller replied...
              We just released version 2.1 which fixes the settings thing, so give it a try changing back to no color.  Haven't tried it myself but it should work.  I am surprised port 465 does not work, I have found the same thing with gmail...
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