Organizing Tickets with Tags

Helpy enables you to use tags to organize, categorize or label tickets. A ticket be can assigned a tag when it is created or at any point later in the lifecycle of the ticket, or programmatically with the API. In this article, you will learn about:

  • Managing Tags
  • Assigning and using tags within Helpy

Managing Tags

As of Helpy 2.4, tags are managed in the admin control panel, under ticket settings. This helps to ensure that agents will not "fat finger" tags with a freeform entry, or create other duplicates, and leaves it up to administrators to define and create the tagging strategy your organization uses.

Before you or your agents have the ability to tag tickets, and administrator will need to create the tags in the Tag management UI. The tag manager lists all tags currently available in your Helpy, and includes the option to edit or delete existing tags, or create new tags for future use.

There are two ways to create tags in the backend, either by using the "quick add" form on the tag management screen, or by using the full editor form. The "Create Tag" button in the upper right opens the full editor shown here:

To modify a tag, choose the edit option and supply any changes you wish to make. These changes will be propagated across all tickets that use the tag. For example, if you change the label of the tag from "red" to "alert", every ticket that was previously tagged with "red" will now show "alert" instead.

To delete a tag, choose the option to delete the tag, and confirm your choice. This will NOT delete any tickets that currently have the tag. Instead, any tickets with the tag will no longer include the tag, and it will no longer be available to assign to new or existing tickets.

Tip: Be careful- just because you change it here, does not mean everything will automatically update. Triggers, custom views and other parts of the system will still need to be manually updated to support the changed tag. This is also true when deleting tags in the management UI. When you delete a tag, associated views or triggers are not automatically updated. You should visit these to make sure they still work they way you want them to.

Assigning or Unassigning tags to tickets

Once you have created some tags, your agents will begin to be able to use them to organize tickets. There are several places where tags can be applied (or unapplied) to tickets:

When creating new tickets through the admin - See

Use the dropdown to see a listing of all available tags. Select one or more tags for the new ticket before pressing "create".

When working with a ticket - See

Use the tags dropdown at the top of the ticket to see a listing of tags currently assigned to the ticket. Use the dropdown to add taggings or remove taggings by clicking in the tag area and using the backspace key.

With trigger automations

Tagging of tickets can be automated using the triggers system. In this case, taggings happen asynchronously, which means that you may not see the tag immediately up writing a post or ticket that should be tagged in a certain way.

As part of an escalation rule - See

When a ticket violates an SLA you have created, it can be assigned a ticket as part of the "Escalation."  This is turn can cause a trigger to take effect and will show up in the ticketing UI.

Using tags within Helpy

There are a number of ways to use tags to customize automations and the ticketing UI in Helpy

  1. Create custom inbox views for specific tags
  2. Find tickets using tagging
  3. Lifecycle automations for specific tags
  4. Reporting on specific tags

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