How to install your license key

Installing your license key is easy, and instantly unlocks the agent seats and features you have paid for. If you are using a trial key, it will work until the expiration date. First you need to choose whether you want to install the key using the admin UI, or by using the helpy command line interface.

Installing the key in the UI

To install the key in the UI, you must be an admin level user and be signed in to the admin portion of Helpy. Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the settings

  2. On the left side of the screen, locate “Pro License” under “General Settings”

  3. Add the “site address” exactly as provided by Helpy

  4. Add the License Key as provided by Helpy.

  5. Click “Save Settings”

  6. Verify that the plan shown is correct and the status shows “Valid” with the correct number of seats

Installing the key by CLI

If you have access to the server, you can also install the License using the helpy CLI. This locks the UI and prevents anyone from changing or updating the key from the UI.

  1. SSH into the server

  2. Have the licensed site address and key handy.

  3. Set the site address by typing

    sudo helpy config:set CLOUD_KEY_NAME=site_address

  4. Set the key by typing

    sudo helpy config:set CLOUD_KEY=your_key

  5. Restart the helpy service with 

    sudo helpy restart

Once the service restarts, you should be able visit the settings panel and verify that the license is valid.

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