Settings: Customizing your Design

Helpy provides themes and design options to let you control the look and feel of your support site.  To get started, access the system settings by clicking the upper right cog, and then click on “Design”.  You will see the following options:

Header Logo:  This is a 40x40 square logo that will appear on your support site next to the support site name.  You should provide a full URL to the image you wish to use.

Favicon: Similar to the header logo, provide a full URL to the .ico file you wish to use.

Custom colors:  Depending on the theme you have chosen, you may see different options here.  These color pickers allow you to change the color scheme of your Help support site.

Custom CSS:  To customize your design further, you can add custom CSS that will override the default values used by the support site.

Head Javascript:  Use this field to “inject” javascript into the head section of the support site.

Footer Javascript: Use this field to “inject” javascript just above the closing BODY tag. 

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