Finding and Viewing Users

The Helpy admin panel gives you several ways to find or investigate the users of your system.

Anywhere a user is referenced in the admin, you can click on their name to access a detailed report of the user, showing their contact information a conversation history.

Browse all users:
You can list all users who have registered for your system by accessing the admin panel and typing ‘users’ into the search bar in the upper right:

From here you can page through users and view a detailed report on a specific user using the right context menu.

Searching for a specific user:
You can also search for specific users by first or last name.  For example, to find a user named ‘John Smith’, enter their name in the search bar.  If a match is found, you will taken directly to the users profile page.  If multiple matching users are found, you will be shown the search results to choose from.

Once you have found a user you would like to learn more about, click on their name or select “discussions” from the right menu.  This will bring up the profile view for that user, complete with their contact info and a conversation history.

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