Enabling LDAP for your account

Helpy has built in support for LDAP and Active Directory (AD) authentication. You can use this to create single sign on for your agents, users, or both.  To enable LDAP support, admins can locate the LDAP SSO panel in the system settings and provide the required options.  The image below shows a typical integration, in this case with Jumpcloud, a hosted LDAP provider:

Enable the feature by switching it on. The LDAP configuration expects a number of values, described below. Your actual implementation may vary some from the example above.

LDAP Host:
Enter the hostname for your LDAP server.LDAP Port: Enter the port you use to connect to your LDAP server.

Enter the name of the organization unit here.  If you use other identifiers, you can append them to the OU here.  Example: users&o=123

Enter your dc value

Default role:

The default role is important, as all users connecting to your Helpy will be given the chosen role to start.  If you are using LDAP to authenticate agents, setting this to ‘agent’ would be appropriate. But if you are using LDAP to authenticate users, make sure you set it to “user”.

Note: After logging in the first time, the user/agent will continue to have the same role unless you change it by editing their profile.



I don't see the ldap option available in my settings.

      Scott Miller

      Hey Ben,

      LDAP is not available in the open source edition if that is what you are using.  If you are using the cloud edition, you'll find it in the settings area.

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