Working with Topics

Carin messages can be grouped into contextual buckets- or groupings of messages around similar themes.  When creating messages, these themes are known as Topics.  Topics help you stay organized and make it easier to keep tabs on what the bot knows.  Examples of topics you may use includes:

  • Product features (one topic each)
  • Customer support levels
  • Product troubleshooting
  • About the company

Topics have no impact on the customer experience and are used exclusively to help organize messages for the support team.

System topics:

When you create a new bot, a number of topics are added for you.  These are outlined below:

Greetings:  This contains the message the bot uses to introduce itself and any associated questions it should ask as part of the intro.

Contact: This contains messages which allow the bot to request a customers email address.

Results:  This contains messages which indicate what happens when the bot finds results in the knowledge base and what happens when it does not understand what the customer has asked.

Bot Intro: This is the first thing the bot says when the chat window is opened.  You can (and should) provide multiple options here as it will make the bot seem more human like.

Adding a topic:

Adding a topic is really easy- locate the message topics menu in the left side nav and select the bottom option "Add Topic".  A dialogue will appear allowing you to give the topic a new name and provide a description.  Upon saving the new topic it will appear in the left side nav.

Editing a topic:

To edit a topic, first click on the topic in the left menu to access the message manager.  From here you can either edit messages in the topic, or change the topic name/description by clicking on the cog icon next to the name at the top of the window.  Make your changes and click "save".

Removing topics:

To remove a topic, click on the topic in the left menu to access the message manager.  Towards the bottom of the dialogue you will see the option to delete the topic.  Click the delete link and confirm your intent to remove the topic.  This will also remove all messages associated with the topic.

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