How to set up a multilingual Helpy support knowledgebase

Helpy includes support for Multilingual help sites, and multilanguage knowledgebase articles.  This page explains how to enable Helpy's international capabilities and provides an overview of what functionality this adds to Helpy.

Enabling Multilingual Support

You can turn on locales through the Helpy settings dialogue.
Now, locate the International settings in the left column, select the locales you wish to support from  the available (installed language) packs.  The default locale is a "fallback" and is what locale is shown if a user from an unsupported language arrives at your site. 

Multilingual Features

When you configure Helpy to support multiple languages, several features become available in the interface:

1.  New locale codes become active on the site, meaning users can browse to localize and translated versions of the site.  For example: displays the English language version of the site displays the French language version of the site displays the Catalan language version of the site

If you have translated knowledgebase articles into the target language, you should see reference to the categories and articles that have been translated.

2. The site displays a locale toggle in the upper right of the UI.  This lets users switch between locales.

3. The site looks at the users prefered language setting in their browser and displays that version of the site first.

4. New admin tools are activated that show the state of article translations and allow you to respond to customer tickets using common replies in various languages.

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