Pre-training your Bot using a knowledgebase

Teaching Carin everything she needs to know to be successful is no small task.  You need to anticipate the kinds of questions customers are likely to ask and either give her the answers directly as messages, or provide an API connection to go and fetch the answer.

Luckily, you may already have a good repository of common solutions and instructional material- your knowledgebase!  Carin can connect to an external Zendesk knowledgebase or use information that is already present in your Helpy Knowledgebase to begin answering questions either by searching the knowledgebase directly, or by prepopulating messages with KB content.

External Helpdesk-

If you use Zendesk or another provider of KB software, you can either pull in the articles automatically or manually copy them over.  To do an import from Zendesk, first go to the settings area, enter your knowledgebase URL and then look for "integrations" in the settings menu.  On the integrations page, you will see a button to "Import Content from Zendesk."  After clicking this, Carin will attempt to pull all of your content in and index it.

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