Using groups to receive support email from multiple inboxes

One powerful feature of groups is to enable multiple inbound support email addresses.  This is accomplished by setting up a group for each email box you wish to receive support email to.  Configuring this requires two steps:


  1. Set up groups for each email box

  2. Set up email forwarding to each group alias.


As you configure the group, provide the from email address you would like emails that Helpy sends to use.  Now any message sent for tickets in the billing group will appear to be sent from your billing support address.


On your end, you will need to configure forwarding for each address, pointing to your primary Helpy address ( but adding an alias including the group name.  

This would look like


Any message received at your billing address would be forwarded to the Helpy address plus alias.  The alias tells Helpy to automatically assign the message to the billing group and use the conigured outbound email address for the group.


Note:  Any groups without email addresses will continue to use the system configured Helpy email address for outbound communications, even though you can still use the alias to auto assign messages to groups



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