Overview of the team groups feature

The groups feature lets you divide your support team into functional or topical sub teams and assign messages to those groups either manually or automatically. Support agents who are members of groups will only be able to see, reply to and interact with tickets that are assigned to their group. Agents who are not members of any groups will continue to see all tickets. Admins will continue to see all messages, regardless of group affiliation.

Examples where this might be useful:

  1. Multiple stores or offices can each be a group.
  2. Multiple products with different support specialists could use a group per product.
  3. Different functions, like billing, support, and membership could each use a group.

In this section, you will learn:

  • How to enable and set up groups
  • Creating and managing groups
  • How to assign tickets to groups
  • Using groups for different email addresses
  • The group management dashboard

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