Overview of Triggers

Triggers are automation rules that run when certain actions occur in the lifecycle of a ticket.  Helpy triggers allow you to add automation behavior at all stages of a ticket's lifecycle, and can also be used to create complex workflows- where tickets flow through different teams or assignments.  Some examples of triggers include:

- Auto-assign the least busy agent when a new ticket is created
- Auto-assign a specific team if the subject line contains "cancel"
- Send a customized auto-response if the ticket was received via a certain email address
- Synchronize all tickets with a remote system
- Send an alert to Slack if a ticket is closed
- Tag a ticket if it is assigned to a certain team

To access the triggers system, start from the settings panel and choose "Triggers" from the ticketing section of the left menu.  If you have already created triggers, you will see something like this:

From here, you have the following options: 

- Create a new trigger
- Edit an existing trigger
- View logs for a specific trigger to when and how many times it has run
- Delete a trigger
- Reorder triggers

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