Settings: General

The general settings panel allows you to configure the name, URL and other features of your Helpy.  In addition, you can enable or disable major functional areas of Helpy:

Site Name:  The site name is a the name of your support site, and is communicated to your customers on the support site and in email communications sent to them on your behalf.  Typical values for this might be “Yourcompany Support” or “Yourcompany Helpdesk”
Site URL:  This is the URL of your Helpy and is used to create links to tickets and your support site.  You should only change it if you set up a CNAME to customize your domain.

Parent Site:  Your Helpy support site can provide a link back to your primary domain if you provide it here.  This would be common if your support site is located at and you main site is
Parent Company: This is the name of your parent company, and is used to create a link back to your parent site.

Site Tagline:  This is a tagline for you support site.

You can disable (or enable) major functional areas of the Helpy system if you do not need or want them.  This will remove the function from both the support site, and the admin controls.

Enable Community Forums:  Use this switch to enable or disable the community forums
Enable Knowledgebase:  Use this switch to enable or disable the knowledgebase
Enable Private Tickets:  Use this switch to enable or disable private ticketing.

Note: Avoid turning everything off!

Additional ticketing options:
There are additional options to fine tune the behavior of the ticketing controls.

Enable team groups:  Use this to enable or disable team groups.  See “Team groups” to learn more.

Send a welcome email:  Use this to disable welcome emails when a new ticket is received from a new user.

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