Using a CNAME to change the domain of your Helpy

When you sign up for Helpy Cloud SaaS, we ask you to provide a name to be used for your Helpy site.  This forms the first part of your URL- ie  Many organizations prefer to change this to use their own domain name, adopting a domain such as or

Note- Custom domain names for your help center is a PAID feature that you will only be able to use if you have purchased a paid subscription- ie. not a trial or free account.  If you are self-hosting or using the open source community edition, this does not apply. 

1. CNAME creation:

The first step is to create a customer CNAM on your domain name.  Doing this is easy if you have access to your domain DNS records, by creating what is known as a CNAME record.  When you create the CNAME record, you will point it to our special domain- 

Lets say you wanted to create the above example of, first create a new CNAME record, enter support as the name, and for hostname, enter

Your record will look like this:

HOST: support

2. Update settings:

Next, you will need to log in to your Helpy admin panel and tell us the domain of your Helpy site.  Access the settings from the upper right, and on the General settings panel, type your new subdomain URL ‘’

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