Ticket Lifecycle

The heart of the Helpy admin dashboard is focused on helping you manage customer discussions, both private tickets, and public topics.  All discussions are considered equal on the dashboard as it should be of similar importance to you that your customers get their questions answered whether or not the discussion is private.  You can identify public tickets by the label “public” adjacent to the subject.

Discussions go through a lifecycle, and Helpy assigns a status to each step in this lifecycle:

When a new ticket is created, Helpy assigns it a status of “New”.  New tickets can be viewed by clicking on the new box on the dashboard.  Once a new ticket has been opened, it moves to the “pending category” which means it is waiting for an action from an agent.

The agent can assign the discussion to a specific agent, reply to it right away (which will automatically assign the ticket to them), or mark it as spam, resolved or leave it alone.

Once the agent has replied to the initial inquiry, the discussion status changes to “active”, meaning the ticket is live and waiting for a response from the customer.

After the customer replies to this latest message, the status of the ticket changes back to “pending”, meaning the agent needs to take action on that ticket.

At some point, it will become apparent that the customers original issue has been resolved.  Once this has been reached, the agent should go ahead and change the status to resolved.


John Knapp

On helpy community version, I don't see any obvious way to manage spam discussion entries or community posts. What is the preferred way for admin to delete / hide topics they consider problematic or non-helpful?

      Scott Miller

      There are two ways to remove content from the community- with affecting an entire topic/thread or a single post/response. 

      1. You can remove the complete topic by "deleting it or marking as spam" from the ticket admin.

      2. You can edit or mark inactive a single post/response in a thread by going into the ticket admin and then choosing the header of the post (there is a small downarrow indicating the context menu).  Choose edit from this menu and then you can either remove the objectionable portion of the post, or uncheck the active box to remove it from public view entirely.

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