Managing content in the knowledgebase

The knowledgebase is made up of support content (documents and articles) that provide help for your product(s).  Helpy provides a management interface to help you create, manage and optionally translate your content.  To begin, click on the “Content” tab of the admin interface to see a list of categories.

Adding new content
There are two ways to add a new article, either by using the button labeled “New Content”, or from the category drop down menu.  In either case, you will presented with the listing of fields provided below to build your content.  Once you have finished creating the item, make sure to click “save”.

Editing existing content
To edit existing content, first click the category which the content belongs to.  Next locate the item you would like to edit, and from the right menu, choose “Edit”.  Make your changes and be sure to click save when you are done.

Content attributes:
A content item has several attributes that may be set when creating or editing an item.

Title: This is the title or name of your document.
Category: The category that the content item belongs to.
Body: This is the actual document or text of your content.  Basic formatting controls are included.
Images: Drag and drop images into the editor to add  and position them. 
Keywords: Keywords which are used help user locate the content in the internal search.

Title Tag: An alternate string which can be used for the title tag of the category.
Meta Description:  A short description that is used for the meta description tag and on the support site.
Front Page: Content can be marked for “front page” display.  This content will be shown on the front page of your support site if your current theme supports it.
Allow Commenting: Checking this box will turn on commenting for this content item.  Users will have the ability to comment on and discuss the document.
Status:  Can be either draft or published.  Draft content is not displayed on the site.

Reordering content:
You can set the order that content will be presented onsite by dragging and dropping items into the order you prefer.

Translating an article:
Before you begin translating content, you should first enable the alternate locales you wish to support in the settings, and provide translate the category the content belongs to.  

Locate the content you wish to translate and open it up for editing.  You should see a dropdown above the content with the various languages you will support.  To translate, select language you wish to translate to, and enter your translated details.

Note- your translated content will not appear on the site until you also have translated the category for the given language.

Deleting content:
To remove a content item, select delete to permanently remove it.  Use this option with care.



When writing a page - it would be nice if from the editing page I could see the page display. Right now I need to publish the page and then go to the menu and then see the page displayed. Very cumbersome and I don't really want to publish the page before the page is ready.

      John Wood


      Don't know if you have a resolution for this. Currently I see a "Draft" save option that would allow me to save the work in progress without publishing it. Then, I can load the draft in another window on another screen, if I want. I also tend to produce my documents in MarkDown ahead of time, and then copy and paste them into Helpy for the knowledgebase. I realize it's been several months since you asked this question, but I hope this helps.

          Reilly B

          I can't see how to delete (inappropriate) user comments from the "Discussion" at the bottom...

              Scott Miller

              You can do that in the admin by clicking the discussion/ticket, find the offensive comment and then clicking on the "so and so posted" to see options for that comment.  Next, choose edit and finally uncheck the box to mark the comment as inactive (although it will still be visible in the admin).

                  John Wood

                  Scott, I don't see the *so and so posted*... Nothing in the comment seems to be clickable...

                      Did this solve your problem?