Working with Knowledgebase Categories

Knowledgebase content is grouped into categories, meaning you will need to set up contextually relevant categories to help your users locate articles, docs, FAQs etc.  The Helpy admin panel provides an interface to do this.  Categories can be reordered by dragging and dropping, or nested to create a hierarchical navigation.

Adding a new category
To add a new category, click the “Add Category” button in the upper right and complete the form.

Editing an existing category
To edit an existing category, select “Edit” form the category menu.  Make your changes, and be sure to click save when you are done.

Category attributes:
A category has several attributes that may be set when creating a new category or editing an existing category.

Category Name:  The name of the category.
Parent Category: The parent of the current category if nested.
Icon: A descriptive icon can be assigned to categories to help users recognize and identify categories.
Keywords: Keywords which are used help user locate article in the category.
Title Tag: An alternate string which can be used for the title tag of the category.
Meta Description:  A short description that is used for the meta description tag and on the support site.
Front Page: Categories can be marked for “front page” display.  These categories will be shown on the front page of your support site. 
Active:  Determines whether a category is live on the support site.  All active categories will be shown on the main knowledgebase page.

Reordering categories
You can set the order that categories will be presented onsite by dragging and dropping them into the order you prefer.

Translating a category
Before you begin translating categories, you should first enable the alternate locales you wish to support in the settings.  Locate the category you wish to translate and open it up for editing.  You should see a dropdown above the category with the various languages you will support.  To translate, select language you wish to translate to, and enter your translated details.

Note- your translated category will not appear on the site until you also have added translated articles for the given language.

Deleting a category
To remove a category, select delete to permanently remove it and all associated articles.  Use this option with care.

Special Categories:
Helpy comes with two special categories built in: “Common replies and email templates.”  Common replies gives you a place to produce content that will be used for replies to users, and email templates is a placeholder for a future feature.  Do not remove either of these.


Jesse Griffin

Can custom icons be used for the categories? I don't see a way to do this but it would be a huge help for us as we support several applications that have their own icons.

      Scott Miller

      I agree this would be awesome, or at least to tap into additional icon libraries.  It is something we have thought about but have not gotten to it yet.


          Hi Scott,
          I did find a way to customize the icons using CSS styles. Not sure if that is limited to my standalone deployment, but if you are interested, I can explain the process that I went through and you can see if it will work on the hosted versions of Helpy.
          Let me know, I'll be glad to elaborate.

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