Using an external file store

Helpy has built-in support for configuring an external file store with environment variables. Any S3 compatible file storage can be used by setting the following environment vars:

sudo helpy config:set REMOTE_STORAGE=true
sudo helpy config:set S3_KEY=your-key
sudo helpy config:set S3_SECRET=your-secret
sudo helpy config:set S3_REGION=your-region
sudo helpy config:set S3_ENDPOINT=your-end-point
sudo helpy config:set S3_BUCKET_NAME=your-bucket-name

If you are using S3, please refer to to lookup the region name shorthand and endpoint URL for the region of your S3 bucket. For other providers, consult their documentation.

Important- as with all configuration changes, make sure you restart Helpy for the changes to take effect.

sudo helpy restart

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