General ticket settings

The ticket settings panel gives access to a number of advanced ticket controls which customize how Helpy support ticketing and ticketing email works.  Settings are separated into categories:

Ticketing Emails:

The following settings control how ticket emails are sent in Helpy:

Send a welcome email to new users

When a customer creates a ticket for the first time, Helpy creates a user account for them and can send a welcome email with a link to set their password and access the helpcenter.  Use this option to turn this behavior on or off.

Include full ticket message in email
By default, Helpy includes the full message from the agent in the email sent back to customers. If you turn this off, a link to the helpcenter ticket will be sent instead.  This is useful if you want to avoid sending private information by email.

Include ticket history in email
By default, Helpy includes the full history of a conversation with each message sent to customers.  You can turn this on or off with this setting.

Global BCC
If you want every message sent to customers to be copied to one or more addresses, use this field to specify the addresses in comma separated form.

Admin ticket create form

The admin ticket form settings determine how the agent ticket creation form works.

Allow Skipping Custom Fields:
When you add custom fields to your forms, the default mode is to overwrite (replace) the standard text area field. Surely this is good for customer facing forms like that on your helpcenter, but on your admin side, you might want to give agents the option to skip the custom fields and go back to using the rich text editor.

Allow addition of custom ticket attributes: 
When customers or agents complete custom form fields, their responses are stored as "custom attributes" for the ticket. Agents will also be able to add custom attributes from the ticket admin UI when this feature is enabled.

Show create ticket button on admin ticket form:
Used to turn on or off a "create ticket" button on the admin ticket creation form. If you only want your agents to create notes to initiate a conversation, turning this off makes sense.

Show create note button on admin ticket form:
Used to turn on or off a "create note" button ojn the admin ticket creation form. If you want your agents to be able to initiate customer tickets with an internal note (like from a phone call for example), enable this option.

Custom Channels: 
Use this field to customize the channels your agents can choose from when creating tickets. By default, email, phone and in person are included, but you can add any additional you might need, such as USPS, tradeshow, social media, etc.

When you add new channels, make sure you put a pipe | in between each- so for example: social | show | other

Default channel:
Sets the default channel (preselected channel) to be used for agent ticket creation

Helpcenter Ticket Form

These controls affect the display of the create ticket form on the helpcenter website itself.

Default to private ticket on helpcenter create ticket form
By default, if you have a public forum on your helpcenter, Helpy will create new public posts.  This setting can be used to default the creation of new private tickets.

Ticket Access

These settings affect how tickets can be accessed.

Allow unlogged in access to tickets through a random link
Under normal circumstances, tickets are only viewable to logged in users on the Agent interface or by a customer through the helpcenter.  There may be circumstances where you want the customer to be able to view the ticket and any responses without logging in.  In this case, a private URL can be used.  Enable this feature here.  Note, this is still "security by obscurity" and really should only be used if you are operating in a closed (behind a VPN) environment.

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