Configure Helpy Pro for SSO with OAuth

Helpy Pro can be configured to use Single Sign On (SSO) with several common OAuth providers: Google, Twitter and GitHub.  Enabling SSO means your users will not need to remember another login to be able to access Helpy, and can use an identity provider they are already familiar with. 

To enable SSO using OAuth requires a secret and id which you will get from the provider, followed by creating a settings file and associating your settings with Helpy.  Follow these steps to enable OAuth:

1. ID and Secret: Register with one of the supported providers.  Get the ID and Secret from the provider you wish to support.

2. Create Credentials File:
Create a file named oauth.yml somewhere on your Helpy Pro server.  The file should take the following format:

id: <your id>
secret: <your secret>

3. Associate the credentials file with your Helpy Pro server: 

sudo helpy config:set AUTH_FILE=/path/to/oauth.yml

4. Restart the server(s):

sudo helpy restart

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