Running Helpy on Google Cloud Platform

It is trivial to deploy a Helpy Instance on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with the Helpy one-click image.  This guide assumes you already have a working GCP account and have enabled the Cloud Engine API.  From here, access the GCP marketplace, and select the Helpy installation you wish to deploy.  To deploy, click on "Launch on Compute Engine".

Deploying on GCP:

1. Choose a name for your Helpy Instance, machine type, disk size, and other parameters.  When you are happy with the settings, click "Deploy"

2. After a short time, the following screen will appear, including your password.  Click on the site address to view the helpcenter, and admin address to access the backend ticketing and settings.  Note- on the first trip to the site, you will be prompted to reset your admin password.

3. Congratulations!  In 3 easy steps, you have launched a private instance of Helpy running on the Google Cloud!  To learn more about how to administer your new instance, make sure you check out

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