Setting up your Helpy installation to send and receive email

Helpy has the ability to receive email at your support email addresses and import the messages as tickets in the web interface.  Whenever you or the user replies to the email thread, Helpy captures the discussion and sends out messages accordingly.

Please note: Customers of Helpy Hosted DO NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING.  Email is preconfigured to use our servers.

To do this, Helpy uses a third party email service provider to parse inbound messages and POST them to a specific URL.  To send outbound mail, Helpy uses a standard SMTP server, which you will need to provide the configuration for.

Helpy works with several commercial email service providers:

Sengrid -
Mailgun -
Postmark -
SparkPost -
Mandrill -

How to set it up:

Use the email settings page in the admin to configure your inbound and outbound email

To enable inbound email:

1. Choose an inbound email provider from the dropdown, and then go to their site to create an account.  You will have to follow their specific directions for implementing DNS changes in their system.  The URL you will need to use for their post webhook is:

There is a detailed guide to setting up inbound email using Sendgrid:

To enable outbound (SMTP) email:

1. Click "Yes" to enable outbound email.

2. Enter a real email address in the admin and from email fields.  This is the address that system sent emails will use as a from address.

3. Provide the login credentials for your SMTP server.

4. Save settings.

You can also configure email settings through the settings.yml file, shown below (self install only):

#Mail specific settings:admin_email: support@inbound.yourdomain.comfrom_email: # This is the email that will be used for email replies (reply to)send_email: true #send email or not.mail_service: :mandrill # :sendgrid :mailin, :postmark, :mandrill, :mailgunsmtp_mail_username: # Enter your SMTP email usernamesmtp_mail_password: # Enter your SMTP email passwordmail_smtp: '' #Enter the server address for your SMTP servermail_port: 587 #Enter the port of your SMTP servermail_domain: #Enter if you are on heroku, otherwise enter your domain


Mirek Kratochvil


is there some support for inbound email that comes from my own mailservers? E.g. if I have a self-hosted e-mail domain and no account on mandrill/etc., and I want to pipe an incoming mail (from to "inbox" of Helpy.


      Scott Miller

      Hi Mirek,

      We currently do not have a way to do that, but there is a branch on GitHub that can do it.



          Hi Scott,

          I looked for the branch on github that you referenced, but I could not find it, do you have a reference?


              Hi Scott,

              How to configure Pepipost ( ) with Helpy?


                  I'm also interested in using our own IMAP server - but don't see a branch with a name that suggests it's the right one to use.

                      Edney Matias

                      Hi there! What if I'm planning to run on Google Cloud that blocks SMTP ports? Is there a way to send email through Sendgrid HTTP API?

                          Dinesh Kumar Dr

                          Hi Scott,

                          Is there any way to configure our own IMAP / self-hosted-email for inbound emails? This is really useful for us and I'm sure for others too.

                              Scott Miller

                              Not currently, unfortunately.


                                  Hi Scott,
                                  Is there any way to configure office365 server to send and received the email.


                                      Is there a way to customize the "from" email address?

                                          Scott Miller

                                          You can customize the "from" email address with the 'admin email' setting on the settings > general panel


                                              For privacy and ethical reasons, i don't want to use commercial providers. Is it planned to propose self-hosted-email for inbound emails? Or not ?

                                              We would like to use helpy and we can wait for this but we would like to know if it's planned.


                                                  I have the hosted edition, and I did configure all incoming and outgoing settings before I noticed the text "Please note: Customers of Helpy Hosted DO NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING. Email is preconfigured to use our servers.".

                                                  1) How do I reset the settings? If I clear any fields now, the old values just come back.
                                                  2) If no settings are needed, why isn't there a notification about it on the hosted edition email page, or why is that setting page available there at all?

                                                      Lorenzo Milesi

                                                      IMAP mail support seems to be finally merged (oct 2018). Dunno if it's in release yet

                                                          Did this solve your problem?