Customizing Emails Sent to Customers

Helpy gives you three ways to customize the formatting of emails sent to your customers. Emails are sent at several times during your interaction with customers- such as when you start a conversation with them, when you reply to a ticket received from the customer, or an automatically sent reply from a trigger.

Individual agents can create a signature that will be automatically appended to the bottom of messages they send, or your can create a header or footer to be applied to all messages sent from your account.

In addition, you can use mail-merge tags to add additional data to the header or footer area. Jump to the section you are interested in to learn more:

  • The standard email format
  • Adding agent signatures
  • Adding a custom header
  • Adding a custom footer

The Standard Email Format

When you create a new ticket/message for customers, or reply to a customer ticket, Helpy emails them and uses a very simple format to maximize compatibility with mobile email clients, mimicking the simplicity of traditional email messages. You can see what this looks like in the image below, with areas that can be customized highlighted:

You are able to customize this to suit your needs in a number of ways described above.

Agent Signatures

Each agent is able to add their own custom signature that will be appended to the bottom of every message they send or reply to. To add agent signatures,

  1. go to the upper right avatar menu, and select "profile", when logged into the agent portal.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and use the html editor to create your signature. Click save.

Adding a Custom Header or Footer

It is possible to add a custom header or footer to every email sent to your customers. This makes it possible to create your own template by adding code, css formatting and other elements to your messages.

Note: custom header and footer elements only affect messages sent to customers.  Notification emails that agents and admins receive will continue to use a system designed email template.

Helpy uses the document editor to create the header and footer element(s). Follow these steps to set up your header/footer:

  1. Navigate to "Helpcenter > Content".
  2. Locate the category "Email templates." It is possible that this category also says "not implemented". If your Helpy does not have the "not implemented" text, skip to step 5.

  3. If it says "not implemented" begin by editing the category to remove that part of the description.
  4. Next Create two new docs in this category, named "Customer_header" and "Customer_footer".

  5. To edit the header, open the doc named "Customer_header" and add any text, images, elements or html you wish to include in the header.
  6. To edit the footer, open the doc named "Customer_footer" and add any text, images, elements or html you wish to include in the footer.
  7. Save both
  8. Click "New Ticket" and send yourself a new ticket to test your new header/footer.

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