Reporting Overview

Helpy includes a full suite of reports that will keep you in the loop with all the KPIs of your helpdesk.  If the built in reports do not give you enough detail, the full integration with Google Analytics will keep any quant happy.  To access the reports, locate the “reporting” item in the upper menu.

Reports include a graph of recent data and a separate section of hand picked KPIs for that given report.

Overview of available reports:

Reports in Helpy fall under several categories or dimensions of activity in your helpdesk.  These include general ticket volume, team productivity, groups and teams, channel, tagging, and individual agent performance.

Each report includes a graphical depiction of how your Helpdesk is doing in that dimension, along with KPIs including the number of tickets handled, number of tickets closed and number of agent “actions” which is an aggregate of all work done on a ticket- replies, notes, transfers, etc.

[image of reporting menu]

Activity Report
The activity report gives you how busy your Helpy is over time, displaying the number of tickets received per day over the given timeframe.

Overall Productivity
The productivity report shows the number of tickets your Helpy handles per hour, and lets you see your busiest times of the day.

The group reporting shows you how busy each of your groups are, and lets you drill in and view activity for each individual group.

The agent overview is similar to the groups report and shows you how busy each of your agents are.  You can also drill in and see the activity of each agent.

Channels represent the source of each ticket.  Sources you might see reported here include “email”, “web”, “chat” or “api”.  This report lets you compare your performance across channel.

This report shows you the most commonly used tags and your performance on each.

Satisfaction reporting gives you a picture of how happy your customers are with the support you are providing.  Every ticket includes a link to rating the quality of the support experience provided, and these stats are made available here.

Report Filters:

All reports can be filtered by date range, allowing you to select from several preset date ranges, or select from a calendar picker.  Helpy Pro/Hosted Cloud include the ability to filter by assigned user, channel, group and tagging.

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