Authenticating and using the REST API

Helpy includes a full REST API which you can use to programmatically access most aspects of Helpy including ticketing, knowledge base, and settings.  The Helpy API is “versioned” which means that when we release breaking changes to the API, we will publish a new version of the API with an updated spec and endpoints.

You can access current API spec here: or within Helpy using the interactive spec browser linked to from the API key management screen.


To authenticate with the API you will need an API key.  Once you have the key, you can authorize by either passing it as a URL parameter or by adding it as a header.


To authorize against the API using a URL parameter, use the parameter 'token' followed by your api key:

Authorizing with a Header:

To authenticate with a browser header, you should set the header 'X-Token' to be equal to your API Key:

X-Token: ee2966aa8299e7eff9a643ce3f36f910

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