How to create an internal, password protected helpcenter site

Depending on your business, you may want to prevent "just anyone" from accessing your knowledge base or creating a ticket through the web.  Luckily, achieving a "private" help center is pretty straightforward in Helpy with just a couple of configuration changes.  There are a couple different variations you may wish to use:

Customers only knowledge base
In this configuration, only customers can log in and access the support resources.  Customers are also able to create tickets through the web, but we'll prevent anonymous web users from seeing support resources.

Navigate to Settings > General

Completely private
No one will be able to create tickets or view the knowledge base through the web (everything is password protected.)

We'll be using the general settings to achieve this setup.

  1. Navigate to Settings > General

  2. Next, scroll to the bottom of the general settings panel.  Here you will be able to select password protection options.  First, turn off the welcome email to customers.  This includes a link inviting customers to log in to their helpcenter account, so you should definitely remove this.

    Next, in the password protection section, turn on password protection for your helpcenter, and protect web users from signing up. 

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