How to auto-assign new tickets

You can save time by letting Helpy automatically route and assign new customer tickets as they come in.  This configuration makes use of the "Triggers" feature, and takes only a minute or two to set up.  To get started, navigate to settings > triggers.  Next, complete these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Trigger

  2. Choose "New Trigger" to create your new Trigger

  3. For "Fire the trigger when this happens", select "a new ticket is created"

  4. Skip adding any conditions, as we want this to apply to all tickets.  Alternatively you can add conditions here to only auto-assign certain tickets.

  5. For "Then do this", choose one of the first three options:

    Assign to a specific agent
    This does exactly what it says and will always assign new tickets to the same agent.  Perfect if you want to triage tickets manually or combined with conditions (#4) to always send billing questions to the billing agent.

    Assign to the next Agent
    This will assign the new ticket to a randomly chosen agent.

    Assign to the least busy agent
    Like it sounds, this will assign the ticket to the agent with the least assigned open tickets.

  6. Click "Save" and enjoy having your tickets auto-routed

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