Creating a custom autoresponder for when a ticket is received

It is reassuring to customers to receive confirmation that their issue has been received. One way to approach this is to send them an auto responder indicating that their inquiry has been received.  Additionally this will reduce the number of duplicated tickets you receive from the same customer.

To set this up, we will create a custom trigger that fires when a new ticket is created using the email channel (so it does not email if people chat with you or you add a ticket by API).

  1. Navigate to Settings > Triggers

  2. Choose "New Trigger" to create your new Trigger

  3. For "Fire the trigger when this happens" select "a new ticket is created.

  4. Click "Add Conditions" and set the the condition to "channel is email"

  5. Next, choose "Reply to Ticket" and add your message in the text field.

  6. Save your changes and enjoy a new autoresponder.

Note: You will probably want to make sure the default new ticket response is turned off.  This can be found in the settings > general settings panel.

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