Importing Tickets and Replies

Importing Tickets into Helpy is a two step process.  The first step involves importing the ticket headers (containing the subject, user, and other summary data), and a second import involving the actual messages and replies that go along with each ticket.  It is essential that you import your user records first, then the ticket records (called Topics in Helpy), and finally all of the replies.


Begin by importing tickets (referred to as "Topics" in our API.) 

To import tickets, the following data is required:

id (the ID or unique ticket number of the ticket you are importing)
forum_id (the ID corresponding a forum in your Helpy.  Use "1" for private tickets.)
private (true/false flag to indicate whether a ticket is private. use true for private tickets.)
user_id (the ID of the user the ticket was originally written by)
name (the subject line of the ticket) current_status (the status of the ticket. Can be new, open, pending, closed, spam, trash)

A minimal CSV would look like this:

100,1,1,import tester,This is the subject,open,1/1/2018
101,1,1,test2,second test,new,1/1/2018

A sample template for Ticket import can be found here:


Once you have imported the ticket headers, you can go ahead and import the replies (known as "posts" in our API.) Each ticket will have one or more replies.  

The following data is required to import replies:

topic_id (the ID of the parent ticket you have already imported)
user_id (the ID of the author of the reply)
kind (the kind of reply this is, either first, reply or note)
body (the body of the reply)

A minimal CSV would look like this:

100,1,This is the body,first
101,1,This is the body,first
101,2,This is the body,reply

A sample import template can be found here:

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