Exporting Customers, Tickets and Knowledge Base docs

Helpy includes the ability to export data from your Helpdesk. Exports are created in CSV format are are available for the following data types:

  • Customers/Users
  • Tickets and Replies
  • Knowledge Base Categories and Doc
  • Forum Definitions

Exporting can be useful for a number of reasons, including:

  • You need to get records out in bulk,
  • move to another solution,
  • want to create a backup or archive of you Knowledge base or ticket history.

How to Export Data

Exporting data is a fairly straightforward option in the settings.  It is available to all admin level users.  To create exports of your data, use the following steps:

1. From the Export page, select the data objects you wish to export.

2. Click the "Export" button.

3. Wait for the export to be completed.  This may take several minutes for a large export.

4. Use the download link to save a copy of the exported file.

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