Whats new in Helpy?

August 2019 - Version 2.6.0

Version 2.6 fixes several bugs and enhances the Helpy API in a couple ways.  A new Ukrainian language pack has also been added.  In summary:

Bug Fixes:

  • Translated versions of knowledge base docs are now properly included in the search index
  • The CC address is now persisted if you change ticket assignment while editing a reply
  • Agents can now create an unassigned ticket
  • In rare occasions, knowledge links did not work on mobile

API Improvements:

  • A new endpoint has been added to get specifics on the currently logged in user
  • Categories can now be filtered by visibility
  • Forum topics now correctly respect the limit parameter
  • The user is now included with topics and posts

May 2019- Version 2.5.0

The primary focus of the 2.5 release is to give more flexibility to fight against spam email.  

Each time Helpy receives an email using the standard Helpy email service, the message is rated by SpamAssassin with how likely it is spam.  Two new settings have been added to either block tickets outright, or filter them to the spam folder, depending on that SA score.  Note: the default settings are pretty aggressive and you may need to adjust if you are getting false positives

In total, the following changes have been made:

  • Trash and Spam tickets navigation is now default in the left ticketing nav
  • Two settings have been added to the email settings, to adjust how Helpy filters spam (when using Sendgrid, Mandrill, etc.)
  • The spam score of incoming emails is now captured and will be visible in the UI soon.
  • The spam score is also available via the API.
  • Bulk actions on all tickets matching a search can now be done.
  • Added the option to "empty the trash", permanently deleting all messages in the trash

March 2019- Version 2.4.0

The new 2.4 version has just been released and includes some great new stuff:

  • All new tag manager- now admins can control what tags can be used.  Setup tickets through the admin UI.
  • Ticket tag picker: there is an awesome new search and select UI for adding tags to your tickets
  • Autosave for ticket replies and doc editing is here.  Now if you accidently click away, your changes will be still be there when you return.
  • New settings have been added to the API to control how Helpy behaves.  These settings will be added to a new preference panel in the next release, but you can use them now with an API change to the settings:
    • Include Ticket response in email- whether or not to send the body of a ticket reply to the customer.  If not, they will have to log in to view the response.
    • Include ticket history in email- whether or not to include the full history of a ticket in the reply to the customer.
    • Allow unlogged in access to the ticket- creates a secret link for viewing the agents response
  • New notification setting: Agents can now be opted into receiving notifications by email when a ticket is assigned to a team they are a member of.

March 2019- Release 2.3.1

This maintenance release includes fixes to three bugs, and was deployed in the hosted cloud on 3/6/2019

  • Advanced search results refresh after a few seconds.
  • Triggers could not be created in some circumstances.
  • Triggers could be created but would not allow multiple actions.

January 2019- Version 2.3.0

Our January release (2.3.0) includes a number of great improvements, including:

  • Addition of the new Nordic theme contributed by Seravo.com
  • Bug fixes and updates to underlying dependencies and docker container
  • Addition of a search to quickly and easily link to KB articles when you are replying to a customer inquiry
  • Refreshed and improved UI for creating and editing Inbox Views
  • Refreshed UI for creating triggers.  Triggers can now be activated and deactivated.
  • Triggers can now be ordered by dragging them.

October/November 2018

Note this release actually didn't go live until 11/5 in the hosted environment but includes a number of bug fixes and new capabilities including:

  • Ability to export reports as CSV
  • New reporting metrics for SLAs
  • Addition of several new reports
  • API endpoints for key-value attributes
  • Added the ability to unassign agents from single or bulk tickets
  • Added a time to first reply strategy to the SLA feature
  • Agents are now prevented from editing other agents or admins

September 2018

We have a few great things coming in September, but to start with we launched SLA management.

  • SLA manager with escalation options
  • Choose business hours for each SLA rule

August 2018

In August we added a new attributes system to let you collect custom data on tickets and customers, as well as some improvements in the way that custom form fields are managed:

  • Add metadata attributes to tickets and customer records to store additional data
  • Customize the channels dropdown to your needs
  • Add the option to skip custom fields when generating tickets from the admin

July 2018- Helpy UI 2

Throughout the history of Helpy, we have received an enormous amount of feedback from customers and users, both good and bad.  This release is our biggest yet and includes a re-imagined UI, and a lot of awesome new features:

  • In app and browser notifications
  • Two options for creating tickets
  • @mentions
  • Ticket followers
  • New UI/Layout
  • Real time UI
  • Refreshed Admin UI
  • New Helpcenter theme: Singular
  • HTML support when responding to tickets
  • Nicer HTML alert emails
  • Nicer HTML responses to customers
  • HTML emails now include the full ticket history
  • UI for replying to tickets re-imagined
  • Inline customer editing
  • Channel and source reporting
  • New support for emoji's in ticket replies
  • Customize the colors of the admin UI
  • Ability to email customers from the create ticket dialogue
  • New internal ticket type
  • Set all ticket params from admin create ticket UI
  • Improved support for CC and BCC recipients

May 2018 - GDPR Features

In May we released additional needed features for GDPR - (see the Blog Post)

  • Added the ability to delete customers and remove all traces of their existence ("right to be forgotten") in Helpy.  This is possible through the UI or by API.
  • Added the ability to Anonymize customer records.  This retains the customers ticket history but anonymizes any personally identifiable information as described by the GDPR.
  • Enforced SSL across all of Helpy.
  • Blog Post

February 2018 - Import and Export

We announced several new features in February, including:

  • Knowledge base Reporting
  • CSV import and export for tickets, customers, and your knowledge base articles
  • See Blog Post

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