Whats new in Helpy?

October 2018

Note this release actually didn't go live until 11/5 in the hosted environment but includes a number of bug fixes and new capabilities including:

  • Ability to export reports as CSV
  • New reporting metrics for SLAs
  • Addition of several new reports
  • API endpoints for key-value attributes
  • Added the ability to unassign agents from single or bulk tickets
  • Added a time to first reply strategy to the SLA feature
  • Agents are now prevented from editing other agents or admins

September 2018

We have a few great things coming in September, but to start with we launched SLA management.

  • SLA manager with escalation options
  • Choose business hours for each SLA rule

August 2018

In August we added a new attributes system to let you collect custom data on tickets and customers, as well as some improvements in the way that custom form fields are managed:

  • Add metadata attributes to tickets and customer records to store additional data
  • Customize the channels dropdown to your needs
  • Add the option to skip custom fields when generating tickets from the admin

July 2018- Helpy UI 2

Throughout the history of Helpy, we have received an enormous amount of feedback from customers and users, both good and bad.  This release is our biggest yet and includes a re-imagined UI, and a lot of awesome new features:

  • In app and browser notifications
  • Two options for creating tickets
  • @mentions
  • Ticket followers
  • New UI/Layout
  • Real time UI
  • Refreshed Admin UI
  • New Helpcenter theme: Singular
  • HTML support when responding to tickets
  • Nicer HTML alert emails
  • Nicer HTML responses to customers
  • HTML emails now include the full ticket history
  • UI for replying to tickets re-imagined
  • Inline customer editing
  • Channel and source reporting
  • New support for emoji's in ticket replies
  • Customize the colors of the admin UI
  • Ability to email customers from the create ticket dialogue
  • New internal ticket type
  • Set all ticket params from admin create ticket UI
  • Improved support for CC and BCC recipients

May 2018 - GDPR Features

In May we released additional needed features for GDPR - (see the Blog Post)

  • Added the ability to delete customers and remove all traces of their existence ("right to be forgotten") in Helpy.  This is possible through the UI or by API.
  • Added the ability to Anonymize customer records.  This retains the customers ticket history but anonymizes any personally identifiable information as described by the GDPR.
  • Enforced SSL across all of Helpy.
  • Blog Post

February 2018 - Import and Export

We announced several new features in February, including:

  • Knowledge base Reporting
  • CSV import and export for tickets, customers, and your knowledge base articles
  • See Blog Post

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