Welcome to On Premise

Thank you for purchasing Helpy Cloud on premise! 

(or considering purchasing if you haven't yet :)

This document describes best practices for installing the on-premise version of Helpy Cloud.  Helpy Cloud is distributed as a ruby gem which you can add to your existing Helpy open source installation from our private gem server.  The Helpy Cloud gem requires Helpy version 2+ so make sure you are using the newest version of Helpy before you install. There are two ways to install the cloud edition gem, manually or with an automatic script:

Manual Installation

1. Update your gemfile by adding the following lines:

source 'https://gems.helpy.io/' do
    gem 'helpy_cloud'
    # gem 'helpy_bot' #uncomment if you want to install the Helpy Carin Bot

2. Authorize your server to access the private gemserver

When you purchased your license for Helpy On Premise, a username and license key was emailed to you.  This will be used to authorize your server and localhost to access the private gemserver.  To do this, issue the following command:

bundle config gems.helpy.io username:password

3. Run bundle install to download and install the package

bundle install

4. Run the installer, which will add additional software in your Helpy, run migrations to update your database and get things ready to go

Every time you update your gem, you should run the install script.

rails g helpy_cloud:install

Automatic Installation Script

Once you have purchased and received your license code, SSH into your droplet and execute the upgrade script
with the following command:

  bash -c "$(wget -O - https://helpy.io/scripts/upgrade.sh)"

After supplying your new license code, the script will shutdown your Helpy server,
install the additional software, and then restart the server.

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